GARMENTJOBS is the biggest job distribution and job search platform for garment industry professionals which includes Textile industry, Woven Industry, Knits Industry and Leather Industry with a broad presence in India.

our goal is to help job seekers in garment industry discover any job with any garment related employer in the market. With an emphasis on company culture and transparency, we hope to improve the job-seeking experience through honest approach with rich media content and tailored corporate profiles.

With some cooperation from both job seekers and employers, we can create an exciting,simple and effective job-seeking experience for all.

We've created GARMENTJOBS Guidelines so you can help us nurture and protect this amazing community. By using GARMENTJOBS, you agree to our guidelines and Terms of Use. We are committed to these guidelines and we hope you will adhere to them. Misconduct on GARMENTJOBS may result in accounts being disabled or other restrictions.

GarmentJobs Guidelines for Job Seekers:

  • 1. Upload an accurate, truthful and professional CV.

    Your CV is your golden ticket to land your dream job. It is also your chance to make a good first impression on prospective hiring managers. Please ensure that you have included complete and accurate information on your CV. Here are some basic things you should have in your CV:

    • Your name
    • E-mail address
    • Current location (Eg. Chennai, Tiruppur, Bengaluru)
    • Contact number
    • Educational background
    • Working experience (if any)
    • Special skills
    • Past achievements and activities

    If you need some guidance on how to make a good CV, here are our tips and tricks to help impress your future boss!

  • 2. Complete your profile.

    It's important to fill up your profile honestly and completely. In addition to your CV, employers will also be able to see your profile, as this is the standard practice with all job platforms. Your profile serves as a summary that employers can easily look through before diving into your CV.

    DO :

    • Use a proper name for your account. Employers will see the name you choose displayed alongside your CV.
    • Write a simple but informative summary about you. Tell employers who you are and what kind of opportunities you are looking for.

    DO NOT :

    • Provide any false or inappropriate information.

  • 3. Pick a professional profile picture.

    A picture tells a thousand words. It is optional to have a profile picture on GARMENTJOBS. If you do upload one, make sure to pick a nice photo of yourself. You should aim to look professional and presentable.

    • Ensure that your photo is clear.
    • Use a picture of yourself with white background is preferred.
    • Make sure that your face can be clearly seen.
    • Keep it professional.

  • 4. Communicate in English.

    GARMENTJOBS uses English as its main language for communication. If you want to upload your CV in another language, you must at least ensure that you’ve presented all the same information in English too, in the same document. For example, page 1 is in English and page 2 is all the same information in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu& Hindi.

  • 5. Apply for jobs responsibly.

    Apply to jobs that are relevant and of interest to you. Do not send applications to jobs that you are not seriously interested in.. Read the job description before sending your application. When you apply for a job, you will have 30 minutes to cancel your application if you change your mind. After the 30 minutes, job applications can no longer be cancelled or deleted.

    Do your best to attend any interviews that have been set and communicate respectfully with employers.

  • 6. Take note of your messages.

    With our built-in direct contact system, it's easier than ever for employers to contact you. Keep a lookout as employers may use the form to conduct interviews, ask for more information or to schedule an interview with you. Remember to be courteous and take messages seriously.

    Do note that employers may also contact you through your email and contact number provided in your CV and GARMENTJOBS profile.

  • 7. Respect copyright.

    Only use and upload documents that you have made or have been authorized to use. This includes any information, CVs, pictures, projects, etc. Copyrighted material will be removed immediately upon request of the rightful owner.

  • 8. We value your privacy.

    GARMENTJOBS respects the privacy of individuals with regards to personal data and is committed to protecting the privacy of its users, and strives to provide a safe, secure user experience. If you have noticed any misuse of your personal information, please contact our team as soon as possible. Learn more about GARMENTJOBS privacy policy here. Please note that employers are allowed to contact you for job opportunities. However, if you’ve been contacted for commercial purposes, you may inform us as this would be considered misconduct according to the Employer community guidelines.

  • 9. One account only.

    All users on GARMENTJOBS are allowed to have only one account each. This is to ensure the best possible experience and proper management of your information. Duplicate accounts will be removed automatically upon detection.

  • 10. Follow the law.

    Users are personally responsible to ensure that they fulfil and comply with any existing regulations. This includes but is not limited to permits, employment passes and employment regulations. GARMENTJOBS is a platform that does not support any illegal practices or businesses.

GARMENTJOBS Guidelines for Employers:

  • 1. Create an insightful, transparent and genuine Company Profile.:

    Your company profile gives candidates an insight into what it’s like working for your company by allowing them to have a closer look at your people, culture and work environment.

    DO :

    • Provide as much information as you can. Fill up the About Us & Culture Write up. Transparency gives them a sense of confidence.
    • Provide accurate information such as your nature of business, address, website, benefits etc.
    • Be honest about your company’s vision and mission.
    • Use updated photos of your company’s space.

    DO NOT :

    • Be dishonest about your office culture. Every company is different and you are looking for the right candidate that matches your company, the key is to be accurate.
    • Use fake or copyrighted photos that do not belong to you.
    • Use your company profile as a platform to sell any of your products, GARMENTJOBS is strictly a job advertisement platform.

  • 2. Put up informative, accurate and frank job postings.:

    Job descriptions should be simple but concise, these help candidates understand the job and requirements easily. We highly encourage employers to fill up as much information as they can accurately such as job type, experience level, salary,job preference etc. This will also help serious candidates easily narrow down their search to the most relevant jobs.

  • 3. Equal Opportunity Policy.:

    GARMENTJOBS believes that one of the foundations of a great company begin with equal access to employment opportunities for all individuals, irrespective of race, colour,gender or other criteria that appear to favour discrimination. All candidates should be treated equally and respectfully.

    It is important to build teams that allow individuals to realise their full potential based on their aptitudes and merits, not their identity. As such, we have guidelines for all content featured on our platform, which are detailed within our Terms and Conditions. We treat any breach of our policies or procedures seriously and will remove any content that does not comply with these guidelines.

    GARMENTJOBS strongly values the unique spirit of diversity and unity in India, believing that our in differences should not be evaluated as part of employment decisions.

  • 4. Please adhere to the privacy policy.:

    GARMENTJOBS respects the privacy of individuals with regard to personal data and is committed to protecting the privacy of its users, and strives to provide a safe, secure user experience for both candidates and employers alike. This includes the management of any candidate information obtained from GARMENTJOBS. Information viewed or obtained from GARMENTJOBS may only be used for the purpose of hiring and employment of individuals. Commercial use of any information obtained from GARMENTJOBS is strictly prohibited. Learn more about GARMENTJOBS privacy policy here.

  • 5. Follow the law.:

    GARMENTJOBS is an advertising platform for career opportunities and thus will do it's best to not interfere in any hiring processes between candidates and employers. Employers are personally responsible to ensure that prospective candidates fulfil and comply with any existing regulations. GARMENTJOBS is also a platform that will not support any illegal practices or businesses.

    Thank you for helping us create the best platform for job seekers and employers to find each other.

    The GARMENTJOBS team.